Auto News for Jan. 26

Porsche Macan

Porsche has a hot selling vehicle on its hands in the form of the Macan mid-sized crossover. Automotive News said there has been up to a six month waiting list and demand has also been strong worldwide, so there is some question about the company’s ability to increase production. Five inches longer than a RAV4, the Macan is available with either a 3.0-liter twin turbo V6 good for 340 horsepower or a slightly less powerful V6 that will still post a 0-60 of just 5.2 seconds.

We still like big auto shows. Attendance hit a 12 year high at the Detroit extravaganza at 808,775. The show closed on Sunday.

Carfax said this morning that millions of people may be driving, buying or selling potentially dangerous cars due to an unfixed recall. It said more than 46 million cars have at least one safety recall that’s never been addressed. Five million of them were brought and sold by potentially unsuspecting consumers last year. “America’s cavalier response to manufacturer safety recalls is putting lives at risk,” said Larry Gamache of Carfax. And he added that the minor inconvenience that comes from having a recall fixed “pales in comparison to what can happen if you don’t.” Recall information is available on the Carfax site or its free app.

Sixty one percent of new car buyers said they purchased their latest vehicle due to a want and not a need. AutoTrader polled more than 2,300 buyers and says it shows a nice increase in consumer confidence. Two-thirds researched their new wheels on line prior to making the leap.




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