Auto News for Jan. 8


You don’t have to wait until Monday to see what the 2016 Toyota Tacoma looks like. Toyota released a picture this morning of the truck that will do battle with the new GM’ mid-size pickups. The official unveiling and further details will be released on Monday at the Detroit auto show.


Scion announced it will add its first ever sedan to its lineup. This one will be introduced in April at the New York auto show “along with the all new Scion IM,” the company said. The IM is the name of a production version of the IM concept car displayed at the L.A. show in November. That accounts for two of the three new models Scion will bring to market in the next three years. Pictured is the IM concept at the L.A. show.

Ford has raised its first quarter dividend by 20 percent to 15 cents a share. It said the board approved increase is consistent with a plan to provide attractive returns to shareholders. said there was a 23 percent increase in the sale of plug-in vehicles last year for a total of 119,710. The top seller was the Nissan Leaf followed by the Chevy Volt and Toyota Prius. It will be interesting to see if this holds in this era of falling gas prices.



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