Auto News for Jan. 5

CESVoltSneakPeek01.jpg Chevrolet Offers Sneak Peek At Next-Gen Chevy Volt

There was a big surprise at the Consumer Electronics Show late last night when Chevy, for a few seconds, drew back the curtain to reveal the 2016 Volt. No details were given and the curtain quickly was closed again. More info is coming Jan. 12 when the Volt is revealed at the Detroit auto show.

GM will soon debut a new service that will reward those using the search function on its OnStar system with discounts at Dunkin’ Donuts. It will also offer the ability to make hotel reservations through

Kelly Blue Book analysts say the estimated average transaction price for light vehicles was $34,367 last month, a gain of 2.5 percent from a year earlier. It said lower gas prices will further help the market for trucks and sport utilities, which are traditionally popular in December. The biggest percentage gain of 5.5 percent was registered by Hyundai/Kia.

The business world was confronted with a new idea on this date way back in 1914. Henry Ford announced he would reduce the workday from nine hours to eight hours and pay assembly line workers a minimum wage of $5 a day. But it was not until 1938 when President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed into law a federally mandated minimum wage of 25 cents an hour.

Now United Van Lines is out with its report on where people are moving these days. Oregon held on to its title as “Top Moving Destination” and continued to pull away from the pack. The Northeast lost residents for the third consecutive year, with New Jersey, New York and Connecticut experiencing the most outbound moves. New additions to the inbound list include Vermont, Oklahoma, and Idaho. The Mountain West had the highest number of retirees moving to the region.

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