Auto News for Dec. 29

Welcome back and I hope everyone had a pleasant holiday!!!


Fortune has named GM’s Mary Barra as Crisis Manager of the Year saying she has “expertly navigated one of the most difficult years imaginable.” They cited her desire to fix the faulty ignition problem and change the management environment that lead to the crisis.

tesla coupe

Early next year, Tesla will drive its roadster from San Francisco to L-A to demonstrate what it claims is a range of 400 miles or so on a single charge. It said the addition of a new battery, tires and other improvements moves the roadster to a range thought to be reserved for cars powered by plain old gasoline. Stay tuned.

Know anyone who owns a Cadillac ELR, the brand’s plug-in hybrid? It has been a slow seller blamed mainly on its nearly $76,000 price tag that many felt was way too much for a Chevy Volt based vehicle. Cady dealers have moved only about 1,192 of them this year according to Automotive News.

If you love reading about new models and design concepts, mark your calendar for January 12th. That is the first press day for the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Among other things, we will see the long teased Honda NSX, a new Mercedes coupe and a seven seat SUV from Audi. Chevy will unveil the next generation Volt, and if the rumor mill is correct, Buick may show off a two seat convertible. That is just a hint of what will be hyped to the walls during the show and you can check back right here for complete coverage.

A select few will get to drive an Aston Martin on ice at the Crested Butte resort in the Rockies. This is a ten acre surface will consume more than 250 man hours to construct in time for the February 2015 event. Under expert guidance, participants will test and hone their driving skills in a series of braking, cornering and handling exercises before taking on the mile long frozen road course. You can find out more at:

Sounds like more fun than hockey.






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