Auto News for Dec. 18

The collapse of the Ruble has GM, Audi and Jaguar halting sales in Russia temporarily. The currency has dropped 40 percent in value over the past six months.

How much would you pay for a pristine 1955 VW Microbus? Someone just coughed up $235,000 for one at an auction in Germany with just 6,400 miles on it. They are starting to really catch on among collectors.

Writing in the Detroit News, Henry Payne reports there is a six year waiting list for the $140,000 BMW i8 in the Detroit area. But his vehicle of the year is the aluminum Ford F-150 that he called the new standard in pickups. You can read more at:

This has nothing to do with cars but this writer made an interesting observation when walking through one of the remodeled Radio Shack’s yesterday. Guess what was missing? Radios!!! Did not see a single one!

It would be rather difficult to put one under the Christmas tree, but Kelley Blue Book is out with its monthly list of the best auto deals available currently. The top lease deal is on a Chevy Malibu, the best financing deal on a VW Passat, and the winner in the cash back department is the Mazda CX-9 – a substantial $4,000 cash back. And, unlike Radio Shack, it comes with a radio.








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