Auto News for Dec. 12


Ford has dropped the MyFord Touch name in favor of a new system that it hopes has none of the problems of the old. While it had its backers, the system downgraded Ford’s ratings in Consumer Reports and elsewhere. This new one is called Sync 3 and was developed in partnership with Blackberry’s QNX and Panasonic. It operates much like a smartphone with a pinch and swipe screen.

GM will invest $5 billion in Mexico to double capacity at four plants. The project will be complete in 2018 and add 5,600 jobs.

Those who love the Dodge brand, especially its high performance offerings, will love the current edition of AutoWeek. The nameplate takes up virtually the entire magazine, ads and all, with the exception of a 14 page  history of Rock n’ Roll by Jamie Kitman with pictures of stars in various cars. The mag struck me as not much more than 51 pages of advertising for Dodge and my copy is now in the trash.


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