Auto News for Dec. 9

2015 Cadillac ATS

GM has announced it will lay off about 450 hourly workers at its Lansing Grand River Michigan plant, or about 100 more than earlier announced. Early next year, the plant is moving to just one shift to assemble the Cadillac ATS and the CTS.

Motoramic reports that a San Diego dealer added $150,000 to the cost of a Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat as “market adjustment.” That brought the price to over $212,000. When pictures of the price sticker hit social media, the dealer removed the sticker and said it was a mistake. What he WILL sell the much in demand car for remains a mystery. Then there is the Honda dealer near me that charges extra for a different type of air allegedly put in the tires of all new vehicles!

Saw something a little different during a drive on I-70 over the weekend. An older model Miata towing a trailer that was wider than the car and buzzing along at 70 mph!

A new study concludes that the chances of your vehicle being stolen is now statistically and significantly less than at any time since 1960. The National Insurance Crime Bureau said the decline seen in recent years can be traced to increased law enforcement techniques and new technology that makes it more difficult to steal a vehicle.



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