Auto News for Dec. 5

Bond Car

We know that the next James Bond movie will be called “Specter” and now we know that he will be driving a special Aston Martin DB10. It is a model developed specifically for the film and built in-house by the design and engineering teams. Aston Martin did not release any details of the villain fighting equipment the car may have. The movie is scheduled for release in early November of 2015.

As part of its effort to move the Opel brand to profitability, GM has closed its plant in Bochum, Germany, after 52 years of production. Three-thousand workers face an uncertain future.

One wonders when Ford will bring back a midsize pickup truck to compete with the Chevy Colorado and its close cousin the GMC canyon. Now it’s been learned that Toyota will display a reworked Tacoma pickup at the big Detroit auto show early next year.

A top Audi official in Europe has confirmed the automaker will offer a plug-in hybrid diesel engine in the Q7 sport utility. The new combination is expected to be unveiled sometime next year and it will be sold here in the U.S. This would appear to put Audi a leg up on its German rivals.



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