Auto News for Dec. 4

Auto News for Dec. 4

In an appearance on Capitol Hill, Honda announced it will expand its regional recall of cars with the Takata airbags to a nationwide effort. It said a parts shortage may occur despite Takata’s effort to increase supply so it has been in discussions with two other suppliers to expand production of inflators. “Why are we doing this? Because our customers have concerns and we want to address them,” said Rick Schostek, executive vice president with Honda North America.

Takata maintains there is no need to expand the recall outside of states with high humidity based on scientific evidence and available data. That would put the company at odds with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that wants the nationwide recall. Members of the House Committee said it is still unclear what caused the airbags to malfunction – whether it is high humidity or a design defect. And they questioned whether the replacement airbags would be any safer.

2015 Chevrolet Colorado Z71

Chevy’s new mid-sized truck, the Colorado, has been named Motor Trend’s Truck of the Year over six other contenders. The magazine cited the Colorado’s handling, size, and best-in-class fuel economy. It was the unanimous choice of the editors.

The Ram 1500 EcoDiesel has been named Esquire Magazine’s Truck of the Year.

And the BMW i8 has been named Top Gear’s Car of the Year calling it the “kind of car we should celebrate, a beautiful vision of the future, delivered now. A car that tells us the future will be different, but still exciting.” Jeremy Clarkson’s COY was the Corvette Stingray, while James May selected the Ferrari LeFerrari, and Richard Hammond the Porsche 918.

GM will restore the 1-millionth Corvette that was extensively damaged when that sinkhole opened up at the Corvette Museum last February. This will be no overnight restoration – six months is the expected rehab time.

To our north, the Insurance Bureau of Canada has named the Ford F-350 and F-250 the most frequently stolen vehicles. The Cadillac Escalade came in fourth behind various models of the Ford trucks. The most frequently stolen car was the Honda Civic.





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