Auto News for Dec. 3

There is no denying that auto and truck sales were red hot last month, with some forecasters now saying the industry is poised to sell 16.5 million vehicles this year, and that would be the best year since 2007. Some put the sales pace at over 17 million.

Many experts are predicting that December sales will top those of November while others maintain that strong Black Friday demand might nibble at next month’s numbers.  History tells us that this bubble will burst once demand has been satiated. The question is when.

Again last month, with the price of gallon falling below $3 a gallon, consumers went for trucks and large SUV’s and some crossovers.

2015 GMC Yukon XL Denali

It was the best month ever for Honda’s CR-V, the best November ever at Subaru, while GMC saw demand increase by nearly 23 percent. At Chrysler, Ram truck sales were up 27 percent. GMC and Ram trucks are pictured.

2014 Ram Power Wagon

Hyundai, Kia and Nissan reported lower sales for the month.  Following the trend, Nissan said car sales were lower but demand was strong for its trucks and SUV’s.

A friend recently referred to the largest of the Sport Utility Vehicles as “SSUV’s”

More bits:

BMW group sales fell 0.8 percent with Mini sales up 9.5 percent thanks to some new models. Vehicles carrying the BMW nameplate were off 2.3 percent.

Audi did better, registering its 47th straight month of record sales in this country. It sold 162,773 vehicles with customers taking home a lot of luxury SUV’s with the Q7 and Q5 much in demand.

Mercedes outsold BMW last month in the luxury end of the market. Lincoln and Lexus both saw sales gains.

Porsche reported record November sales of 4,699 vehicles and said demand for the smaller Macan sport utility continues to exceed supply. Many have wondered about the pronunciation of that new model. Porsche itself says muh-CAHN, an Indonesian name for Tiger.

Porsche’s hottest sellers for the month were the Cayenne and the 911/918 models. Order books have now been closed for the limited edition 918.

And keep your eye on Mitsubishi. It just reported its ninth consecutive month of year-over-year sales gains with demand for the Outlander Sport up 30.1 percent.

Mazda sales rose 2.4 percent and Maserati reported record November sales with the Ghibli accounting for 60 percent of the total.


The company that now controls what is left of Saab said it has attracted interest from two Asian investors who may help it revive the automaker. The potentially interested parties were not named. Saab is now owned by an investment group called National Electric.

The Ford F-150 was named Truck of the Year by Canadian auto writers, one of 15 winners in various categories. The Toyota Highlander was named top crossover in the $35K to $60K category with the Hyundai Sonata picked as best family car selling for over $30K. The top city car was the Kia Soul while the Honda Fit was named best small car selling for under $21K.




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