Auto News for Dec. 2

Chrysler this morning reported its best November sales since 2001 with a year-over-year gain of 20 percent. Both Jeep and Ram trucks reported their best November sales ever with Jeep sales up 27 percent and truck sales up 21 percent with strong demand also for the Chrysler 200. All this adds up to the 56th consecutive month of year-over-year sales gains for the company.

Virtually all of the auto makers will be out with their results during the day, and I will have an update for you a bit later.

New vehicle transaction prices rose nearly 2 percent in November according to Kelley Blue Book. That comes to $33,754 on average with new car prices up by $165. A senior KBB analyst said it is the result of stronger pricing in truck and SUV segments benefiting mainly the Detroit three.

Audi set an annual U.S. sales record last weekend, topping the record sales total set in 2013. The bean counters will be happy that the firm also recorded higher transaction prices.


Chevy has started shipping its high performance 2015 Z06 coupe to customers from the plant in Bowling Green Ky. Some could receive their cars later this week. It boasts a supercharged V8 rated at 650 hp @ 6,400 rpm with 650 lb-ft of torque @ just 3,600 rpm. Car & Driver reported a 0-60 run of just 3 seconds with a top speed estimated at 185 mph. It carries a base price of $78,995 but tack on some goodies and one can get close to six figures. (And don’t you want to drive one?)

German Hyundai dealership

Hyundai has opened its biggest European dealership just a short distance from its headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany. As you can see in the picture it’s a jazzy design called “Emotion Park” with lounges and tablet computers for those awaiting service.

McLaren 650S

The McLaren 650S has won Car of the Year awards in the Middle East, China and Scotland. The high performance GT car made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

An avid hunter and former high school football coach was the first to purchase a 2015 aluminum Ford F-150 truck in a ceremony in San Antonio. Tim Kingsbury is the father of current Texas Tech Red Raiders football coach Kliff Kingsbury.




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