Auto News for Dec. 1

Welcome back everyone and I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!! Even the leftovers should be gone by now.

Automakers report on November sales tomorrow and the numbers are expected to be robust. J.D. Power LMC Automotive predicted Americans spent $33.3 billion on new vehicles last month and it predicts sales will be up 5 percent from a year earlier.

Chrysler Dodge Viper GTS

Dodge Viper sales are up 26 percent year to date since Dodge repositioned the high performance car in September and reduced the price. It soon with offer two new trim packages, the SRT and GT models with the latter offering two mode sport suspension, Brembo brakes, and power six-way driver’s seat.

Gas at less than $2 a gallon? That is the prediction of some energy experts that chatted with Bloomberg. In short, it’s due to an overabundance of supply with declining demand and OPEC’s decision not to cut production. Triple A now pegs the average pump price at $2.792 nationwide. It has not been that low since October of 2010.

The latest NADA Used Car Guide reports that the Mercedes CLA 250 had the lowest typically equipped MSRP of the 10 luxury cars making the report at $35,505. The Merc CLA Sedan bested others in one year retention performance with an average trade in value that was 81.4 percent of its original MSRP. Also performing well when it came to retained value was the BMW X5 351 AWD.

I think most buffs remember their first car with air conditioning. Mine was a first generation Pontiac Sunbird and the cold blasts were welcome on hot, humid summer days in New England. But the brakes did not like my blasting around the Berkshire Mountains in Massachusetts. At any rate, did you know that the first car to offer AC was a Packard displayed at the Chicago Auto Show back in 1939? But it was not until 1969 that the majority of new cars and trucks offered the cooler air.

ReportsnReports is offering a “Worldwide Exhaust Valve Market” research report profiling two dozen companies. Not sure what you will do with that information… but …


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