Auto News for Nov. 25

The government’s Energy Information Administration predicts the price of gasoline will be less than $3 per gallon across most of the country by the end of the year. And it believes the price will remain below $3 throughout 2015. This will likely result in more generous incentives on small cars and crossovers as consumers continue to buy up inventories of large sport utility vehicles.


In Britain, they are trying out what backers call the “Bio-Bus” but the rest of us are calling the “Poop Bus.” It runs on biomethane gas generated from human and food waste. It can run for 186 miles on the stuff and seats 40 passengers. The BBC said it doesn’t smell and actually reduces greenhouse gas emissions by almost 90 percent, despite the stuff it runs on. Here is a great quote from the company that made the bus – It “is actually powered by people living in the local area, including quite possibly those on the bus itself.”

BYD Australia eBus

And yes, it is true that this morning we are kind of following the old “jump on the bus Gus” theme. Yet at the Sydney International Airport in Australia you can ride what backers say is the World’s Longest Range Electric Bus – 155 miles even in heavy city traffic on a single charge. The BYD manufactured bus runs on an Iron-Phosphate battery that is said to contain no toxic electrolytes or heavy metals and can be completely recycled.

“Car sales will remain elevated in November in large part because of Black Friday,” said Senior Analyst Jessica Caldwell. It predicts November sales will be up 1.6 percent from November 2013, but down 1.3 percent from October of this year. Edmunds said Chrysler will be the main beneficiary with a sales gain of almost 15 percent year over year.

And Honda has announced production of its 300-millionth motorcycle, a Gold Wing. Honda began mass production of motorcycles in Japan in 1949 and next year will celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Gold Wing model.






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