Auto News for Oct.17

toyota fuelcell

Among auto makers, Toyota topped Interbrand’s latest ranking of the 100 Best Global Brands coming in eighth overall. Yet Audi, VW, and Nissan showed strong gains in the latest survey. Apple topped this year’s survey.

Part of the reason for Wall Street’s volatility of late is the fear of continued economic slowdowns in Europe. But a report just out from an automaker’s association showed new car registrations rose 6.4 over the past year. GM lost market share on the continent while Ford posted a one-tenth of one percent increase.

CNN Money claims that the equivalent of one car out of every five on the road has been recalled this year, or a total of 52 million cars and trucks.

Audi said its allroad wagon has received a 5-Star overall crash safety rating from the National Highway Safety Administration. It is the highest crash test rating available.

Worldwide, GM claims it has now sold more than 1 million Spark and Beat subcompacts. It said 60 percent of buyers have never owned a Chevy before.

If you want to tow a heavy trailer and don’t want to buy a pickup, what do you do? is out with a list of the best SUV’s for towing heavy loads. In alphabetical order they are:

Cadillac Escalade

Chevy Tahoe/Suburban

Dodge Durango

Ford Expedition

GMC Yukon

Jeep Grand Cherokee

Toyota Sequoia

AutoTrader said the Expedition will tow the most, at 9,200 pounds followed by the GM SUV’s at up to 8,500 pounds.



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