Auto News for Oct. 14


Worldwide, Toyota claims it has now sold 7 million hybrids including 1 million in just the past nine months. Toyota and Lexus now offer a dozen hybrid models and one plug in model here in the U.S.

One the first trading day, shares for Fiat Chrysler opened at $9 and closed the day eight cents lower. Wall Street has doubts that the company can carry out Sergio Marchionne’s ambitious growth plan.

Ford will hire 850 additional workers at its Dearborn Michigan plant to help built the new F-150 pickup. Ford cited “anticipated customer demand” for the new aluminum bodied pickup.

Here’s a good idea. Park ‘N Fly has introduced a free car wash for all of its customers at the Atlanta airport. Customers can upgrade from the basic wash for nominal charges.

An insurance group said 2013 cars are less likely to be stolen, and more likely to be recovered if they are taken. The report comes from the National Insurance Crime Bureau and cited anti-theft technology built into newer models. California and Florida led all states in thefts.

The annual cost of traffic gridlock will increase by 50 percent here in the U.S. by the year 2030 to an estimated 186.2 billion dollars annually. Traffic and transportation firm INRIX said gridlock worldwide is the worst in London, Los Angeles and Paris. By the year 2030, the average U.S. household will spend just over 72 hours a year stuck in traffic. Gridlock will be fed by an increase in urban population and higher living standards, the firm said.




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