Auto News for Oct. 13

Ferrari America

To celebrate its 60th year in North America, Ferrari will produce a built to order F60America convertible with a V12 engine. Only 10 will be manufactured thus ensuring its desirability in future high end auctions. Ferrari predicts at 0-60 run in just 3.1 seconds. Inside, the racing seats feature a stylized American flag motif on the center of each seat and backrest. And by the way, all 10 are already spoken for.

Fiat Chrysler starts trading today on the New York Stock Exchange with CEO Sergio Marchionne ringing the closing bell. Auto analysts say this is not a good time to list a stock given the recent profit warning at Ford, slow sales in Europe and China along with concerns about a possible recession in Germany. The company’s sales in this country have been strong for its Ram Truck and Jeep brands.

Wall Street was not impressed with the Tesla “D” that was unveiled late Thursday. Tesla shares lost 6.3 percent on Friday with analyst saying the new model just brings Tesla up to date with other luxury competitors.

Fairing a bit better was the 2015 aluminum Ford F-150 that was named Truck of Texas by auto writers there. The 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee was named SUV of Texas for the fifth straight year.

Volkswagen will auction off the first all-electric e-Golf to hit these shores. The proceeds will benefit Global Green, a national environmental non-profit. The auction will be hosted online at VW said the electric Golf will go on sale here next month.

Imagine nearly 150 mph with no one at the wheel? Would you ride along? A driverless Audi RS 7 will tackle Germany’s Hockenheim circuit at race speed on the 19th. Audi claims a two minute lap time and up to 149 mph is expected and tests conducted thus far show that is feasible.

The subcompact Mazda 2 has been named Japan’s Car of the Year.


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