Auto News for Oct. 10


Tesla unveiled an all-wheel drive option for its Model S and a number of safety and convenience options that move the brand closer to autonomous driving. These include a 360-degree ultrasonic sonar that monitors the vehicle’s surroundings and driving conditions. But Elon Musk cautioned that you cannot “fall asleep and arrive at your destination.”  What Tesla calls the “D Option” with an additional electric motor will certainly be fast with a 0-60 run in 3.2 seconds and a range of 275 miles at 65 mph. Some critics noted that many of the autonomous features are available on other luxury vehicles. Prices start at $120,170.

Subaru announced pricing for its 2015 Impreza models with the four door sedan starting at $18,195 and the five door model at $18,695. It will arrive in showrooms in November. At the top of the line, the five door Sport Limited model will start at $23,295, a gain of $100 over the current offering.

Green Car Journal has announced the five finalists for its Green Truck of the Year award to be handed out early next month. They are the Chevy Colorado, Ford F-150, GMC Canyon, Ram 1500 EcoDiesel, and Ram 1500 HFE.  The journal said each offers its own solutions to increasing efficiencies, lessening CO2 and tailpipe emissions and reducing environmental impact.

Go back a few years, and who would ever have predicted that one day there would be a Bentley dealership in Vietnam. But one will open in Hanoi next month.



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