Auto News for Oct. 6

2015 Dodge Viper SRT GTS

We are not talking big numbers here, but Viper sales have increased since the big price cut. Dodge cut prices by $15,000 down to a base of $84,995 for both remaining 2014 and refreshed 2015 models and potential buyers noticed. Last month, Dodge sold 108 Vipers last month, up from only 38 sold in August.

Dodge has launched a new ad campaign that recalls the time when John and Horace Dodge created the firm that bears their name 100 years ago. The ad for the Challenger is the first in a planned series that it says “captures the spirit of innovation and enthusiasm the Dodge brothers had when they founded the brand …”

GM has told dealers to halt deliveries of the new mid-sized Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon pickups to repair an air bag problem. It said some of the airbag connectors were improperly wired and that could affect the deployment sequence. Only a small number of the just introduced trucks have been sold and owners will receive a notification of the recall.

The Detroit News reports that GM has issued 72 recall notices this year totaling nearly 30-million vehicles and that is a record.



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