September Auto Sales Update


It hasn’t happened since 2011. Chevy says it sold more of its light duty trucks last month than Ford did. And Chrysler saw a sales gain for its Ram pickups as Ford closed its assembly plant for the F-150 to tool up for the aluminum bodied truck that has been much talked about and is coming this fall.

Incentives, low and stable gas prices and favorable consumer confidence were reasons for the hot truck sales, according to the experts.

Among the big Detroit three, GM September sales rose 19.4 percent, Chrysler was up 18.8 percent, and Ford was down 2.7 percent compared to a year ago. As has been the case for some time, Chrysler was also aided by hot demand for Jeeps, especially the Cherokee. In fact, it outsold the big daddy of the line the Grand Cherokee.

Toyota and Honda reported that their crossovers continued to be in hot demand. The RAV4 helped drive up Toyota sales by 2 percent and Honda sales were up 12 percent thanks to the CR-V and the just restyled subcompact, the Fit.

VW reported a big sales gain for the Golf that just got a major makeover but overall sales were off 18.6 percent.

At Nissan sales jumped about as much as VW’s were off thanks to the Rogue crossover.

Hyundai said sales rose 2 percent last month thanks to double digit sales gains for the Santa Fe, Tucson and Veloster.

Kia reported a 6.9 percent gain in September sales year over year. It said the summer sales season was the best in the brand’s 20 year history.

The good times continued for Subaru with a 31 percent hike in sales and the best month ever for the Legacy sedan and the 34th consecutive month of year-over-year growth.

September sales climbed 14.2 percent at Audi. Through the first nine months of this year, Audi claims to have sold nearly as many vehicles in this country as it did for the full year in 2012.

Rival BMW checked in with an 8.6 percent increase in its brand vehicles, but Mini sales were off 20.5 percent and BMW motorcycle sales fell 4.3 percent.

Throw in the Sprinter truck and the smart car and Mercedes said September sales rose 10.2 percent. Sales for the Mercedes brand were led by the C, E, and M class model lines.



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