Auto News for Sept. 26

Ferrari 458

Next month Ferrari will unveil a limited edition 458 Speciale A (as in Aperta) at the Paris show. Only 499 will be manufactured and they will be powered by a 596 horsepower V8, the most powerful naturally-aspirated road going V8 engine ever built by Ferrari. It claims a 0-60 time of just 3 seconds. The car will feature an aluminum retractable hard top that will take 14 seconds to put down.


Is Volkswagen on to the next big thing, at least in Europe? It has unveiled the TRISTAR concept, a sort of combination van and truck that is set up to do business with swiveling seats for in vehicle conferences and a video conference system on board as well. There is also a weather proof drawer beneath the truck bed, as well as four wheel drive.

Some good news for GM! Standard and Poor’s has upgraded its credit rating to investment grade. S&P said it believes GM will “likely sustain its improving track record of profitability in North America” and achieve mid-decade profitability in Europe.

And CEO Mary Barra makes the cover of Time magazine talking inside about the ignition switch recall disaster.

Kelley Blue Book predicts that new vehicle sales will increase 9 percent this month. J.D. Power puts the increase at 5 percent. It said new light vehicle sales are showing no signs of slowing.

Ram truck has presented a $100,000 check to the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame. That is the law enforcement rangers and not the baseball team with the worst record in the majors. America’s oldest state law enforcement agency is gearing up for its landmark 200th anniversary.





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