Auto News for Sept. 23


Toyota will display the C-HR concept crossover at the Paris Auto Show next month. “Using a hybrid power plant, this crossover gives a first hint of a type of vehicle that Toyota would like to bring to the C-segment market,” said the maker. Further it said the concept hints at a future design direction for Toyota vehicles. We will learn more on Oct. 2.

708 HP Sonata

Hyundai is partnering with Bisimoto Engineering to create a 708 horsepower Sonata for the 2014 SEMA show in Las Vegas. You may have already noted that this is one more horsepower than the Dodge Hellcat. The Sonata with the outrageous power will be unveiled on Nov. 4. The starting point for the build is Hyundai’s 2.4-liter “Theta-II” four, much beefed up of course, with a high boost turbocharger and a “fast-burning flex fuel diet” said Bisimoto.

The man running GM’s victim compensation plan now reports that 21 death claims have been found eligible for payment. Kenneth Feinberg made the disclosure in his weekly update. Last week he put the number of eligible claims from the defective ignition switches at 19. GM had estimated 13 deaths.

If you are on the road to New York, Michelin’s 10th edition of its famous Gotham restaurant guide comes on Oct. 1. My guess is that my favorite place, Sarge’s Delicatessen in the Murray Hill neighborhood, probably won’t make it. Instead, eight celebrity chiefs will offer their signature dishes to a select gathering the night the guide is released. There won’t be a cheeseburger in the joint.



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