Auto News for Sept.18

Audi says it will be the first company to receive a newly established autonomous driving permit issued by California. Audi envisions this technology could be ready for consumer introduction within five years. If you think this is a pipe dream, a TTS successfully completed the 12.42 mile route up Pikes Peak in 27 minutes without a human in the car.

Bentley Speed

Just announced is a performance version of the Bentley Mulsanne called “Speed.” It carries a 6.7 liter twin-turbo V8 that promises a top speed of 190 miles per hour and a 0-60 in just 4.8 seconds. One company official said, “In this car, every journey becomes a drive.” The car gets its official coming out party at the Paris Auto Show in October.

The much talked about cover horse, the 2015 Mustang, is inching closer to dealer showrooms. Look for ad campaigns to show up on your tele next month with the hardtop appearing in showrooms in October as well. The convertible appears at the end of the year. But what is the V8 like to drive? Henry Payne of the Detroit News has had a chance to drive one on a challenging California road. See his report at:

If you have 707 horsepower under the hood in the new Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat you probably are not too concerned about fuel economy. But Dodge said with the eight speed automatic, the car has been rated at 22 mpg highway by the EPA.



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