Auto News for Sept. 15

Former Ford CEO Alan Mulally has ruled out a run for president after leaving the door slightly ajar earlier at an event in Indianapolis. The Detroit News reports Mulally would not comment where he might be headed next. Of course, if he suddenly turns up at an obscure suppa’ in a small town in New Hampshire’s White Mountains …

The first natural gas vehicle refueling facility has opened in Philadelphia at a BP station. VNG said it is in the process of installing similar facilities in major markets across the country.

On September 13th, 1899, a man stepped off a streetcar in New York City in an era when automobiles were scarce. He didn’t look carefully and was run over by an almost silent electric taxi and thus, became the first fatality in the U.S. involving an automobile, according to the Census Bureau.

Checker Motor Cars Yellow Car

A car enthusiast and collector is opening a business north of Boston that provides service and restoration for Checker cabs. Steve Contarino maintains there are still about 2,000 of the boxy cabs around – easy to believe since he maintains they were designed to give at least 250,000 miles of service. He calls his Haverhill, Mass., business a “one-stop source for Checker collector’s needs.”

While some cab driver’s behavior in Checkers may have led passengers to believe they were in driverless cars, a new survey predicts autonomous car deliveries will hit more than 42 million in 2035. ABI Research says while “many barriers remain… the path towards robotic vehicles is now firmly established with high reward to those (who are) first-to-market.”


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