Auto News for Aug. 21

Citroen_C4_Cactus_001 Citroen-C4-Cactus-_2811930k Citroen-C4-Cactus-Official-0 Citroen Cactus interior

Talk about fantastic designs that I wish were sold in this country! I have fallen in love with the Citroen Cactus, the quirky French automaker’s first foray into the crossover field. Those strips you see along the side of the vehicle are called “air bumps” and are designed to protect the car from small every day dings and scrapes. They took three years to design. It is light weight, economical, and in Great Britain, at least, comes with a turbo 3 good for 109 horsepower. Car magazine got it at 9.3 seconds 0-60. Top Gear tested it in Iceland – something that seems strange given the name. If you took a dozen Crossovers sold here and parked them side by side, from the rear at least, the average consumer could not tell them apart. That would not be the case with the Cactus, and that’s why I love it.

Triple A believes that 34.7 million of us will travel this Labor Day weekend up 1.3 percent from a year ago, and the highest total in six years. The auto club said people are willing to whip out plastic cards and enjoy one last long summer weekend. Almost 86 percent will travel by car.

Drivers in the Northwest think it’s less distracting to use a GPS while driving than talking or texting on a cell phone.  PEMCO Insurance did the poll and also found that the age old adage is still true – that men are more reluctant them women to ask for directions.

More consumers are paying attention to recall notices and almost three quarters feel there have been more of them over the past few years. But the National Automobile Dealers Association claims both the number of distinct recalls and vehicles involved have remained fairly consistent since the mid-1990s. NADA surveyed 1,409 consumers.

Hertz and other rent-a-car companies have suffered from a lack of cars due to recalls, particularly Hertz that has a lot of GM cars in its inventory. Hertz announced that yearly financial results will be “well below” its earlier forecast and its shares took a tumble on Wednesday. But they gained back a little ground when it was disclosed that investor Carl Icahn has an 8.4 percent stake in the firm and is not happy with its performance.


2 thoughts on “Auto News for Aug. 21

  1. Three cheers for Citroen!!!! A unique product in the car industry today is…well, unique!

    Lets hope those Air Bumps catch on. They would remove a tremendous amount of stress from my daily driving!! How great would it be to leave your car in a parking lot and not be worried about those dreaded door dings?

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