Auto News for Aug. 18

One expert said the Ferrari GTOs, of which there aren’t many, are among the holy grails of the car auction world. One just set a record for the most expensive car ever sold at auction – $38.1 million when fees are included. A Mercedes race car previously held the record at $31.6 million. Bonhams sold the 19th Ferrari GTO ever made at an auction that was part of the Pebble Beach Concourse d’Elegance.

Also a 1954 Ferrari 375 MM was named best of show.  Owner John Shirley of Medina, Washington said the car has been in pieces for a quarter century before he purchased it, and he still drives it regularly. Bravo!!!

See more at:;_ylt=Aoy9JIuv72Z1Mo.JNIIgCB2bvZx4?fr=yfp-t-443-s&toggle=1&fp=1&cop=mss&ei=UTF-8&p=pebble%20beach%20concours%202014

If you do a YouTube search for the Pebble Beach show you will see enough video that you will feel you were there, all decked in your finest of course.

A mobile speed camera caught a motorist at 139 mph in a 60 mph zone in Scotland. It is not clear what happened to the driver when authorities caught up with him or her. But police said operators who were at least double the limit displayed “contempt for the law and for the safety of their fellow road users.”

The National Insurance Crime Bureau today released its list of the most stolen vehicles in this country in 2013 and once again the Honda Accord led the list. It was followed by the Civic, Chevy Silverado, Ford F-150, Toyota Camry, Ram pickup, Dodge Caravan, Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee, Toyota Corolla and the Nissan Altima. The FBI predicts a reduction in national vehicle thefts of 3.2 percent when the final stats for 2013 are released. The insurance group said while the decline is good news, “it still amounts to a vehicle being stolen every 45 seconds and losses of over $4 billion a year.” It added that organized criminal rings are responsible for many of these thefts.

Meanwhile the Chevy Impala tops Kelley Blue Book’s list of the most comfortable cars for under $30,000. The Volvo S60 was second followed by the Chrysler 300 that just snuck in under the ceiling at $29,320 – KBB’s Fair Purchase Price. It called the Impala “big, comfortable” and affordable.






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