Auto News for July 17

Warren Buffet has a new set of wheels. He has traded his 2006 Cadillac DTS for a new XTS sedan after CEO Mary Barra told him of the many improvements in the more up to date model.

But the news comes at a time when a new research report concludes that sales and lease deals for SUV’s and crossovers now top those of sedans. IHS Automotive said that has never happened before. SUV’s and crossovers now account for 36.5 percent of the market compared to 35.4 percent for sedans. Among other things, IHS said people like the additional space and the higher driving position of the SUV’s and crossovers.

Mercedes-Benz Concept Coupé SUV

Automakers are paying attention. Top Gear reports just about everyone except Rolls Royce are planning to enter the hot market. It showed a drawing of a brutish look Mercedes “coupe concept” that has a big bull dog look to it but a very small cockpit roof that appears to be a rather last minute addition. It also has four doors so it isn’t a coupe. At any rate, Lamborghini is planning a Urus sport utility, Audi is showing a TT Offroad concept, and Lexus may come out with the NX based on the RAV4 size wise and a huge “predator” grille.

The magazine also talks about the biggest tractor-trailer truck in the world. The Tractomas TR D100 sports a 12-liter, V12 diesel with 10-wheel drive that can haul 600 tons of stuff backed by 900 horsepower and a staggering 2,550 lb-ft or torque.

2016 smart fortwo

Certainly on the other end of the scale, Daimler has unveiled a new smart car that will seat four. It will be called the smart forfour and be powered by a three cylinder engine with either a stick or automatic tranny. The company calls it “a total rethink of urban mobility.”

So how much will it cost you to drive the new Challenger SRT with the supercharged 6.2-liter Hellcat engine with 707 horsepower? Dodge just released the price and it will start at one Abe Lincoln shy of $60,000. Dodge calls it the “most affordable +700 horsepower car in America.”



One thought on “Auto News for July 17

  1. Several errors in the Buffett blurb:

    MaryBarry(quite ord’nary) had sold Buffett on the CTS, but the salesperson, an acquaintance of Buffett’s daughter, who he sent in to shop for him, switched her to a XTS.
    Buffett did not trade in, and I would have loved to see the trade in value on an 8 year old car, that had been through a model change.

    Any word if Buffett bought car under the”A” Plan, or whatever the employee and other, discounted fixed price is now called?

    Buffett donated his car to Girls Inc, to be auctioned.

    I’ve not seen any story claiming MaryBarry had even mentioned XTS to Buffett. Odd, because all the CTS sedans I have been in, seem small and nervous, not really an old man’s car, like the STD was. MaryBarry may not know the market demographics.

    The overall story, and not just your reportage, seems to reinforce my perception that MaryBarry was chosen mainly so investigators wouldn’t beat up on a girl. Congress is really going easy on MaryBarry, relative to how Congress treated her predecessors, and MaryBarry has to answer for [b]negligent homicide, with callous disregard for life[/b] on behalf of GM.


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