Auto News for July 15

Honda in Ohio 2015 Acura TLX

With production just underway on its 2015 TLX, Acura claims that more than 90 percent of its vehicles sold here in the states are produced here. The TLX will start to appear in showrooms next month with either a 206 horsepower four or a 290 horsepower six.

Hagerty Classic Car Magazine National Collector

To celebrate National Collector Car Appreciation Day, Hagerty Classic Car transformed a gas station into a full service station from the past. It is located on Michigan’s famous Woodward Avenue. Even the price of gas was rolled back, in this case, to 36 cents a gallon.

A report from the University of Michigan concludes that Washington, D.C., and Massachusetts were the safest places to drive in 2012. The highest fatality rates per billion miles driven were in West Virginia, South Carolina, and Montana.

And Navigant predicts that 14 percent of medium and heavy duty vehicles sold in 2035 will run on alternative fuels. It said alternatives such as natural gas, Liquefied Petroleum Gas and electricity will make inroads.



2 thoughts on “Auto News for July 15

  1. Massachusetts safe ?????

    A treasured stereotype held by us folks from Northern New England bites the dust. Oh my, what next?

    ….or perhaps that just shows us how horrible the rest of the country drives!

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