Auto News for July 8


Rolls-Royce said it has enjoyed a record half-year with sales up by 33 percent worldwide compared to one year earlier. The U.S. saw a double digit gain.

On a slightly lower bracket, BMW claims it sold more than a million vehicles worldwide in the first half of this year, the first time it has done that. Sales were particularly strong for the 3 and 5 series.

Ford is recalling 101,000 vehicles, the majority for a repair of the right-side halfshaft. This would include 2013-14 Taurus, Flex, Lincoln MKS and MKT models. Ford said they may experience a loss of drive functions and could roll away even if the shift lever is in Park.

Volvo claims its upcoming VC90 will be the world’s most powerful and cleanest SUV. The all-wheel drive seven seater will offer up to 400 horsepower with low carbon dioxide emissions. It will be launched later this year. The top of the range “Twin Engine” will carry the badge T8 and will be a plug-in electric car, hybrid and higher performance car rolled into one, its maker claims. A supercharged and turbocharged 2.0-liter four will propel the front wheels while an electric motor drives the rear wheels.

And while this isn’t strictly auto related, I thought readers would find this interesting and filed under the “This will never fly” folder. Six Boeing 737 fuselages were damaged when the train they were on derailed in rural Montana. Three slid down an embankment and close to or into the Clark Fork River. It may be Thursday before crews fish the last one out.




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