Auto News for July 2

There might be some rumblings in the halls of GM and Ford along the lines of, “If only we had bought Jeep years ago.” That brand and Ram pickups boosted Chrysler sales 9 percent last month. GM sales rose 1 percent despite all the recalls, and Ford sales fell 6 percent as it stockpiles inventories ahead of some new model introductions later this year such as the aluminum body F-150.

Elsewhere, sales rose at Audi, Hyundai, Kia, Toyota, and Nissan while sales fell at Honda and Volkswagen. Overall, however, it was a good month for automakers with June sales posting their strongest numbers in 8 years. Easy credit and an aging fleet were cited as the reasons why.

Saleen 2015 Mustang


Saleen Automotive has released a teaser photo of its 2015 Mustang 302. It said little about the car promising that final features and specifications will be released at the official unveiling later this year. It is a safe bet that it will be fast!!!

Subaru has released a new Motorsports app that includes an industry first 360 degree HD mobile video player. It is available to iOS and Android users. It will allow users to stage rally and rallycross action in any direction by simply swiping their finger or moving their mobile device side-to-side in their hands.

Want some free gas this holiday weekend? How far are you willing to go to get it? Snickers is offering $50 prepaid debit cards to the first 200 vehicles that make the trek to two of the most remote gas stations in the nation. One is along a lonely stretch of road in the Mojave Desert in Essex, California where it is the only fill up point for 40 miles. The other is in the South Dakota badlands in a place called Cowboy Corner along the route to Mount Rushmore.



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