Auto News for June 27


McLaren has released pictures and some details of the race track only 650S GT3 that will compete in the 2015 season. As you can see in this picture, it is one mean looking machine and features a 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 along with a new six-speed sequential transmission.

Mercedes E class Blue

Mercedes says one of its E-Class BlueTEC Hybrids has driven from Africa to the UK on one tank of fuel. That is a total of 1,223 miles averaging almost 74 mpg. And yes, they did have a relief driver on board for the 26 hour trip.

Here’s something I can agree with. The Kia Soul is one of the coolest cars one can buy for under $18K according to Kelley Blue Book. “The Soul’s funky persona, roomy cabin and increased cargo space have made it a runaway hit with consumers,” Kelley said in part.

The Detroit News reports that GM will unveil a multibillion dollar compensation plan for accident victims on Monday. Columnist Daniel Howes is critical of Today Show host Matt Lauer for asking CEO Mary Barra if she can run GM and also be a mom. That raises the interesting question of whether Lauer would have asked that question if he were interviewing a man. Bet not!

June will be another good sales month for automakers, according to J.D. Power and LMC Automotive. Retail light-vehicle sales are projected to reach 1.1 million units, and that is six percent higher than one year earlier but this year also includes two more selling days. Said LMC official Jeff Schuster, “The U.S. auto market is arguably in the best position and health it has been in since well before the great recession.”



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