Auto News for June 10


When it comes to worldwide luxury car sales, BMW held on to the lead over Audi in May. Mercedes was third. The Detroit News reported that BMW delivered about 1,000 more vehicles than Audi last month.

GM holds its annual stockholders meeting in Detroit today. Families of some of those killed in accidents tied to the defective ignition switches plan to demonstrate outside the meeting site, GM headquarters at the Ren Cen.

A research report from Bank of America Merrill Lynch sees little change in market share for automakers in the next four years. The report predicts GM will hold on to 17.9 percent of the auto market followed by Ford at 16.2 percent and Toyota at 14.4 percent. The biggest changes are half percent gains for Honda and Ford.

Website did some research and found if you are concerned about resale value in your new vehicle, you should buy a pickup. The Ram truck topped the list when it comes to retained value followed by the Nissan Titan and the Ford F-150 and the Chevy Silverado. The Dodge Challenger was the top car when it came to resale.  Luxury cars took the biggest hit when it came to depreciation. found that women would rather go the dentist than take their vehicle in for repairs. Most feel they are overcharged for repairs and a more transparent experience is needed. “Consumers simply don’t trust that they are paying an appropriate price for a repair …” said AutoMD’s Brian Hafer. A total of 2,400 car owners were surveyed nationwide.

Waiting anxiously for cars that do the driving for you? A survey of globe auto executives finds that 68% think self-driving cars will be available by 2025. said one quarter believed they would be on the market by around 2020.

If you search nightly for reruns of “The Dukes of Hazzard” you will be pleased to know that Tom Wopat and John Schneider will be featured in a new ad campaign for Auto The boys apparently will conclude they need new wheels to stay a few steps ahead of the sheriff.




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