Auto News for June 5 Part One


GM CEO Mary Barra said this morning that 15 GM officials have been fired for their handling of the faulty ignition switch issue as she released details of an internal investigation of the matter in an appearance before workers at GM headquarters.

The automaker will create a compensation fund for victims.  The faulty switches have been linked to at least 13 deaths and 47 crashes.

“I first want to take this opportunity to again express my deepest sympathies to the families that lost loved ones and to those who were injured,” Barra said.

“I realize there are no words of mine that can ease their grief and pain.”

She added that GM accepts “responsibility for our mistakes and commits to doing everything within our power to prevent this from ever happening again.”

And she called the report “brutally tough and deeply troubling” adding that it revealed “a pattern of incompetence and neglect.”

There was no conspiracy by the corporation to cover up the facts, the CEO said the report concluded, and investigators found no evidence that any employee made a trade-off between safety and cost.

Instead, the report blamed a “pattern of management deficiencies and misjudgments … that were passed off at the time as business as usual.”

No one in the company raised the issue to the highest levels of the company, Barra said.

“If this information had been disclosed, I believe in my heart the company would have dealt with this matter appropriately.”

Barra said more GM recalls are likely in the days ahead.


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