Auto News for June 4

The final figures are in and new vehicle sales hit a nine year high in May, some 1.6 million. Kelley Blue Book said analysts believe the good times will continue in June.

An internal investigation of GM’s response to faulty ignition switches is expected to clear CEO Mary Barra of any wrongdoing, according to sources cited by the New York Times. It said the investigation is expected to recommend corporate and personnel changes.

Ford has produced a concept car that may never make its way to showrooms, but one that lops off 800 pounds from the Fusion for increased fuel economy. Using light-weight materials such as aluminum and carbon fiber, the car could produce mpg in the upper 40s, according to the Detroit News. That would be with the 1-liter, three-cylinder engine.


TRW is testing what it calls Emergency Steering Assist. If you swerve to avoid an obstacle, the system will calculate the optimal trajectory around it and additional steering torque will be applied to help follow the trajectory and stabilize the car. TRW insists that the driver remains in control of the vehicle – that the system will allow the operator to react faster and more accurately to help avoid a crash.

The analytics division of TrueCar is out with a study on what consumers perceive to be the highest quality brands and Honda and Mercedes Benz lead the list. Honda is trailed by Toyota and VW while the three pointed star is followed by Lexus and BMW.

One more sales note: Porsche reports a 17.3 percent increase in May for the best sales month ever. It said the new Macan crossover vehicle got off to the hot start on these shores while demand for the Cayenne outstrips supply.




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