Auto News for June 3

I do hope that everyone enjoyed that little trip down memory lane yesterday.

2015 Dodge Charger R/T

Auto makers report on May sales today and Chrysler just announced it posted its 50th consecutive month of year-over-year sales gains. Jeep sales rose 58 percent and Ram truck sales were up 18 percent. Overall, Chrysler sales rose 17 percent in May compared to a year ago.

They already make the Tiguan and Touareg and now VW may manufacture up to six sport utility vehicles in a bid to take the top spot over Toyota in global deliveries. The Detroit News cited two people familiar with the matter. Volks has made no secret of its desire to be the world’s most popular vehicle brand.

In a poll of 1,000 adults, found that a majority said purchasing a car or truck is more stressful than getting married, going on a first date or watching their team in a close championship game. “Nine out of ten respondents wish car shopping was easier, said CEO Avi Steinlauf. “It’s clear that the average shopper is craving a better way to buy a car.” How bad is this? One in five would rather say sayonara to sex for a month than haggle over the price of a car. Clearly changes are needed.

TrueCar said the average transaction price for a new car fell ever so slightly last month. That would be $30,646, down $149 from a year ago. The company said GM and Chrysler were able to command higher prices while shrinking their incentives. Average transaction prices were down two tenths at Ford and off 6 percent at Nissan.

Luxury RV maker Allstar Coaches said more people are renting RV’s with all the amenities and then hiring someone to drive their big home on wheels to a favorite destination. Well ya, if you are accustomed to driving a Honda Fit, a big RV would be a challenge.




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