The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is looking into complaints of braking problems with 200,000 Nissan Senta and Versa models from 2013-14 model years. One owner quoted in the Detroit News said at a red light his car moved forward even with the brake pedal depressed.

GM has told regulators it has identified 47 crashes related to those faulty ignition switches, up from 32 accidents. While GM did not raise its fatality toll from 13 NHTSA said “we believe it’s likely that more than 13 lives were lost” but an exact number is not clear at this time.

In the “Let’s hope this is true” category, Auto Express reports that Honda is considering a replacement for the S2000 two-seater that it stopped making five years ago. If given the go ahead, the car would be offered only in coupe form and would be a hybrid that would appear later this decade.

Jaguar has been testing a new XE Sedan at the famed and recently sold Nurburgring in Germany. Not much is known about it and spy photos show only a heavily camouflaged automobile. They may take the camo off in 2015.

California Association of Museums Snoopy Plate

Lawmakers in California have passed a measure to issue a special Snoopy license plate with proceeds going to state’s museums. State officials said they already have 3,800 pre-orders for the plate.

Congratulations to Honda and Ryan Hunter-Reay for their hard fought victory at the Indy 500 by an eye blink of 0.06 seconds over Helio Castroneves. Honda powered four of the top six finishers and won the famed brickyard race for the second time in three years.

Mini Superleggeera Vision

Like the Mini that is pictured? It is a concept with a name that is almost as big as the car – Mini Superleggera Vision and made its debut at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’este in Italy. The open top two-seater is the work of Mini and Superleggera, the tradition steeped design and coach builder. The concept is said to be electrically powered with a simple but high lux interior.




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