Auto News for Feb. 28


Say hello to the Volkswagen T-Roc. That is not an internal rock band but a new styling exercise.  It is called “a glimpse at future Volkswagen SUV’s” and would be powered by a turbodiesel with a 7-speed DSG transmission and permanent all-wheel drive. The concept, to be unveiled next week at the Geneva show, will have removable roof halves and Street, Off road and Snow operating modes. For off road adventures there are cameras galore to point out potential obstacles and a swiveling spotlight for after dark excursions. It would seat four with the interior featuring a removable tablet computer, while the center console design is said to be “inspired by the motocross helmet.”

Subaru said the 2015 Forester will carry a base price of $22,195 working up to $28,495 for the Premium edition. That would be an increase of $1,000 over the 2014 base model but that also includes a standard rear vision camera and color multi-functional display. Suby’s driver assist option package is $500 cheaper.


No ever thought that the upcoming McLaren 650S would be a slug, but now we know how fast it will be. Just a hold on tight 0-124 mph in 8.5 seconds and O-62 mph in only 3.0 seconds! “Driving excitement is at the absolute head of the McLaren 650S,” said Chief Executive Officer Mike Flewitt. The car has its coming out party at the Geneva show.

Former GM chief Dan Akerson has been named to the board at Lockheed Martin.

The Detroit Free Press reports that four states, Nevada, Arizona, Texas and New Mexico are in the running for that Tesla battery plant that could create up to 6,500 jobs.

An emergency cat food run this morning when the temperature hovered at a most un-Maryland like 10 degrees revealed the Toyota Tundra has a good heater.

A neat move!!! To celebrate the fact that its Ram was named Motor Trend’s top pickup for the second year in a row, Chrysler draped a 10 story tall wrap over its headquarters building in Auburn Hills, Michigan. The truck was also named the favorite of Consumer Reports testers. The wrap is so big it took four days to install.



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