Auto News for Feb. 19

The Wall Street Journal reports that GM is working on an aluminum-bodied pickup truck, one that might appear on the market in four years. It said the General has reached agreement with suppliers as it seeks to both join Ford in aluminum truck construction and address stricter fuel economy standards.

Remember “Joe the Plumber” from the 2008 presidential race? According to the Detroit Free Press he has joined the UAW and started work at the Jeep plant in Toledo.

Maserati will debut the new Ghibli and its 2014 lineup in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue.

EPA will start work on new fuel economy standards for medium and heavy duty truck that would take effect in early 2016. This would include everything from the big rigs down to delivery trucks. The American Trucking Association, while supporting the goal of improved fuel efficiency, pressed the administration to proceed cautiously with the setting of new standards. It said new technology should not be placed on the markets before it is “fully tested and ready.”

Tesla will report quarterly results after the market closes this afternoon. This has been a lot of crazy speculation in the illegitimate press about what the figures will mean. Pictured is the Tesla Model X.

Tesla Model X



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