Auto News for Feb. 17



This nasty winter has proven to be a big problem not only in this country but in Japan. Toyota, Honda and Suzuki have suspended production at some plants due to the second big snowstorm to strike that country this month. The Detroit News said the bad weather halted parts shipments from suppliers.

In case you missed it, workers at the VW plant in Chattanooga have rejected representation by the United Auto Workers Union. Some state officials said a pro-union vote could affect future incentives for further expansion of the facility. The governor said he was pleased with the vote, while the union called it a “temporary setback.”

It probably was not the kind of publicity that GM wanted when one of its pace cars at the Daytona track caught fire during qualifying runs yesterday. Two people in the car escaped safely. One commentator said it must have been a full moon.

Kelley Blue Book is out this morning with a list of top hybrids and it should bring smiles to those who work for Toyota. It made up three of the top five for the Prius, Camry and Prius V hybrids. Rounding out the list were the Honda Accord Hybrid and the Ford Fusion Hybrid.

Out in Kansas, there are three vehicles sitting on top of a pile of snow, something that wasn’t hard to round up this season. An auto dealer wants people to guess the date and time that the snow melts enough to allow all four wheels to touch the ground. The person with the guess closest to the actual date and time wins the used car. The way Old Man Winter has been acting, my guess is the Fourth of July.

And Strategic Vision is out with a long list of what it considers the most loved cars and trucks. Tesla was the most loved car and the Ram 1500 the most loved full size pickup. The Dodge Charger was named the most loved large car and the Nissan Sentra/Dodge Dart the most loved small cars.




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