Auto News for Aug. 29

Auto News for Aug. 29
Toyota said it will introduce 15 new or redesigned hybrid vehicles globally between now and the end of 2015. That would include a new Prius that Toyota hinted it would have about a ten percent improvement in gas mileage over the current model’s 50 mpg all the while using smaller electric motors. Further, Toyota is working on a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle with further details coming in 2014.

Stand by for “Super Cruise.” GM said it is a system that will allow a car to one day drive itself on the freeway using cameras and radar. Yet, it should be pointed out, the system can be quickly be overridden by the driver. Don’t get too excited about this, because there are years of testing that must be conducted before these systems hit the market. However, both Nissan and GM think we will see them by 2020 or so.

Honda is experimenting with technology that it says could reduce collisions between automobiles and pedestrians and autos and motorcycles. One would use an individual’s smart phone to send out a warning to both a driver and a pedestrian of a potentially dangerous situation. The second system would sense the presence of a motorcycle even when it is obstructed from a driver’s view.
Kia announced a starting price of $14,700 for its 2014 Soul, without hamsters of course. There will be three models, Base, Plus and Exclaim with the top of the line model starting at $20,300. That compares to 2013 prices of $14,400 for the bottom of the line model to $19,900 for the top of the line Soul Exclaim. Kia said the 2014’s come with additional standard equipment.

2014 Kia Soul & Mates

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