Auto News for Aug. 26

Subaru has announced pricing for its 2014 BRZ sports car. Prices are up only slightly to $25,595 for the base model to $28,695 for the Limited Edition with automatic transmission.

If you watched the MTV Video Music Awards last night you saw the latest ad for the Kia Soul and the return of hamsters. The “Totally Transformed” campaign was set to the new single, “Applause” from Lady Gaga. If you missed it, the ad can be viewed at:

NFL teams are still in training camp, but Chevy is looking ahead to the Super Bowl this fall. After sitting out last year’s game, advertising wise, the bow tie will return to the 2014 contest to promote its new car and truck models.

You have to admire 102-year-old Floyd Pullin of Pennsylvania. He just bought his 16th new Ford – an F-150 pickup. According to USA Today, the dealer threw a party for one of its model loyal customers and he was presented with a video of the event.

Nissan said production is underway in Cuernavaca, Mexico of its so-called “Taxi of Tomorrow.” After all, Crown Vics are only going to run for so long. Nissan’s is based on the NV200 compact cargo vehicle and you may remember that the Taxi and Limousine Commission of New York City selected it as the exclusive taxi for the city. Nissan hired city cab drivers to test drive the vehicles around Gotham, and they, undoubtedly. gave their unabashed opinions.




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