Auto News for April 29


Start saving your pennies, or perhaps indulging in a lottery ticket or three. The 2014 Corvette Sting Ray will carry a starting price of $51,995, or about $1,400 more than the 2013 model. If you opt for the convertible, the price increases to $56,995. Check a bunch of option boxes, and the price could soar to $73,360. The Sting Ray is expected to hit the market this summer.

Sting Ray 4

Chrysler reported lower first quarter net income citing the costs of tooling up for new product launches such as the  2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee and the further down the scale 2014 Jeep Cherokee. Net income for the quarter was $166-million compared with $473-million a year ago.

For those with the interest, the current edition of the Economist has a lengthy study of the world’s auto makers. The magazine touts the benefits of the driverless car.

The Detroit News says the former headquarters of American Motors has been turned into a dumping ground. It is now owned by a scrap hauler.

Is this replacing a trip to the showroom? Autobytel reports 15-million views of its new car videos on its YouTube Channel. That is up from 10-million views in December 2012.

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