Auto News for April 24


Ford continued to lose money in Europe, ($462-million), but managed to post first quarter earnings of 41 cents a share, and that topped forecasts. The automaker rang up a pre-tax profit of $2.4 billion in North America, its best quarter ever. Early Wall Street reaction was favorable with Ford shares up more than 3 percent in pre-market action. Chrysler will issue its earnings report on April 29 and GM joins the parade on May 2.

Calling distracted driving a “deadly epidemic” the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has issued voluntary guidelines to auto makers to combat distracted driving. The focus is on manual texting and touch screens that display web content such as social media and pull the operator’s attention away from what lies ahead. NHTSA recommends that such devices only be activated when drivers pull over to the side of the road. Auto industry officials are seeking further talks with the department.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the biggest seller of them all? Various reports say Toyota is number one worldwide in the first quarter followed by GM and VW.


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