Auto News for April 23


While driving, do you feel safer sending text messages by voice rather than tapping them out with your fingers? You shouldn’t according to a study by the Texas Transportation Institute. Their tests showed that sending messages by voice is just as hazardous as punching them out. The problem with voice text was the need to look at a screen to see if the message was interpreted correctly. Manually tapping out text messages while driving has been outlawed in 39 states.

On a related note, the state of California has banned the use of the GPS app on your smartphone unless it is hands free.  In Maine, the House of Representatives turned thumbs down on a bill that would have banned the use of cellphones while driving. They also rejected a mandatory motorcycle helmet law.

The Guinness Book of World Records agrees that the fastest production car is the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport. With 1,200 horsepower on tap the Veyron tops out at 254 miles per hour.  Do fasten your seat belt.

Starting early next year, consumers can buy an iBeetle from Volkswagen. Once snapped into a docking station on the dash of the Beetle, and an app is downloaded, users can do all the expected musical exercises, along with measuring G forces and checking on oil and coolant temperatures. It will even send out digital postcards on Saturdays.

Honda will be both a sponsor and participant in this year’s Pikes Peak Hill Climb. The run to the top will take place on June 30th.


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