Auto News for Feb. 27

If you did not see the latest picks from Consumer Reports, please check out my column on this page.

It was interesting that eight of the top ten picks came from Asia, with Mercedes and Audi the lone exceptions. Detroit automakers did not fare well in the listings, filling out the bottom six slots.

General Motors now says it is not seeking a pay raise for CEO Dan Akerson as reported by numerous news outlets yesterday. It cited confusion over deferred stock that wasn’t vested until 2012, according to the Detroit News that altered Akerson’s total earnings last year.

An auto dealer group said wholesale used car prices rose 1.3% in January. It cited inventory shortages caused by the number of used vehicles damaged by Superstorm  Sandy.

North America’s biggest work truck show will be held next month in Indianapolis. It boasts 500,000 square feet of “vocational trucks, van and equipment.” Vocational trucks?

It is being called the first automated parking system of its kind ever installed in a museum setting in this country. Boomerang Systems is using a robotic automated parking system at what is being called the world’s largest collection of Ford Model A trucks, (55 of them,) at the Elliott Museum in Florida. Visitors will use a kiosk to select a car and bring it down from a three story stacking system to a custom turntable that will display the vehicle. What would Henry say about all that?


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