Auto News for Feb. 21


(Check out the special report on economy cars filed yesterday and a photograph that shows $4 a gallon is real!)

McLaren P1

McLaren is rocking the auto world with more information on the P1 that it will debut at the upcoming Geneva Auto Show. A mid-mounted 3.8-liter twin turbo V8 will combine with an electric motor to generate a whopping 903 horsepower, lots of torque, and reduced emissions. The electric motor is mounted directly onto the engine and, McLaren maintains, produces 176 horsepower. The P1 will be able to travel 6 miles on electric only power. No acceleration figures were released but I would guess something like 0-60 in less than three seconds would be reasonable. As for the price, well the old slogan certainly fits here – “If you have to ask …”

Tesla has posted a quarterly net loss of nearly $90 million, a bigger dip in the red than expected. Yet the company said it will be close to break even on cash flow in the first quarter. And it said there is strong demand for its Model S sedan.

If you had to guess, which luxury German automaker was the top seller here in the U.S. last year – Mercedes or BMW? R.L. Polk reports that Mercedes had more new vehicle registrations than BMW.

Audi will use the early March Geneva show to display a plug in hybrid, the A3 e-tron. In keeping with the brand’s reputation, the A3 boasts a 0-62 time of 7.6 seconds and a top speed of nearly 138 miles per hour. Audi claims it can travel up to 31 miles in electric mode.  It can be driven with just the gas engine, just the electric drive or a combination of both. The e-tron, Audi claims, “provides a realistic glimpse into the future of mobility.”

The most stolen vehicle in Michigan is the model year 2000 Dodge Caravan.

Only 31% of motorists who received a traffic ticket in the past five years ended up paying more for auto insurance, according to a division of Bankrate. Younger drivers, no surprise, were most likely to face higher rates.


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